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When you have suspicions that something isn’t quite right, whether it is a suspicion about your employee’s misconduct or a suspicion that your partner is cheating on you, the need to know the truth becomes the most important factor.

You need specialists to uncover the whole picture. Due to the lack of evidence to move forward or just acting on suspicion, unanswered questions can be insidious, occupying your thoughts constantly.

Get the answers you need! Workplace and Private investigation services performed by 3RD EYE INVESTIGATORS find proof and information that can help you solve your issues. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia but cover all of Australia and we provide our services globally.

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Our Services

Covert Surveillance Investigations

Our services include covert surveillance and electronic countermeasures. We are committed to providing you with outstanding surveillance services without compromising accuracy and reliability. Our Private Investigators will not break any laws to secure surveillance evidence and will provide excellent documentation and expert testimony for any legal proceedings.

Sometimes the only way to be certain you are hearing the truth from your employee, partner, friends, or family is to work with private investigators from our expert Australian Covert surveillance team.

Covert Surveillance is by far our most common service we offer our customers who need photographic, video evidence of their partners cheating.

We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and no job is too big or too small.

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Workplace & Employee Investigations

Qualified investigation services are important for any organisation’s hunt to get to the bottom of an issue.

  • Does your organisation believe it may have been subject to fraud, corruption, or employee misconduct?
  • Does it face a possible regulatory inquiry?
  • Do you have Employees who need investigating?
  • Allegations of cause and inappropriate employee behaviour?
  • Anonymous complaints?

3RD Eye Investigators provides workplace investigations and mediations services to organisations that are dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour. We provide a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to substantial and complex formal investigations and from anonymous complaints to suspicions of fraud or asset misappropriations. We can undertake a wide range of Investigations that concern a workplace and employees.

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Fraud & Intelligence

We are specialised in investigating and quantifying fraud for insurers and employers, providing an independent, professional, and quick response upon discovery or suspicion of fraud.

While every fraud claim is different, we can assist in all aspects of the investigation, including:

  • Initial review of circumstantial facts surrounding suspected loss.
  • where appropriate cooperation with Insurer/broker/Insured/Police.
  • Assistance in the review and investigation of loss to establish the total loss suffered.
  • Confirmation of how fraud occurred and review of quantum.
  • Establish quantification of loss with supporting evidence.
  • Review of methods in place and how fraud was concealed.
  • Assistance with advice as regards recovery and provision of information to police and/or other regulatory bodies.
  • Review of how Insured will mitigate similar losses moving forward.
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Financial Investigations & Forensic Accounting

“Reports can be manipulated but the numbers never lie”

How you respond, and the speed at which you respond, to allegations of fraud can ultimately determine its financial impact on your organisation. Our team ensures that investigations into alleged fraud, theft or suspected wrongdoing are well managed, loss recovery is pursued, and the chance of reoccurrence is minimized.

Using our investigative accounting and analytical skills and following forensic accounting procedures, we follow a business’s many complex money trails to help you get to the bottom of what really happened. We can quickly develop a strategy to a fraud investigation, which is designed to identify sources of information and responsibility for wrongdoing. Our approach is to help you clarify, simplify, and resolve the issues in a forensic investigation as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

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Process Serving

3RD Eye Investigators has extensive experience working on complex procedures that require careful compilation of many different documents, this including domestic and commercial process serving. We operate mainly on the territory of the Australia, but for the needs of our clients we provide services across the globe.

We not only collect the required documentation, but we also serve the documents making sure that people are informed of the legal proceeding they are involved in.

Once you contact us, we will make a serve process strategy for further action. We will also agree on the frequency of the updates and the entire course of action. Depending on your preferences we can inform you of our progress after each process serving attempt or we can agree to communicate only when there is a need for it. That means that we will contact you every time we receive an important document, or every time we need to send something to you. We have very fast response for serving documents not only in the Australia but across the globe.

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Bug Sweeping (Technical Surveillance Countermeasure)

Having a team of highly trained and educated TSCM Specialists to assist in your Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Services, is imperative to the privacy of information and confidentiality. TSCM also refers to bug sweeps, sweeping, debug and debugging.

TSCM services provide the protection of privacy and confidential or proprietary information from acts of physical or electronic surveillance (eavesdropping) and espionage. Use TSCM services to prevent breaches of privacy and mitigate the risk of future potential compromise

Do YOU get the feeling that someone is watching you?

Do YOU think someone is listening to your conversations?

Do you feel safe?

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White Collar Criminal Defence

As the premier investigative firm for white collar defence practitioners, we work collaboratively and creatively with defence counsel from the pre-indictment stage through the end of the trial to create investigative strategies designed to challenge the government’s case and bolster defence theories. When the client’s future is on the line in a criminal case, access to information can mean the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Our work, relating to the defence of white-collar criminal matters, includes:

  • Collecting evidence and offering facts in support of defence motions.
  • Conducting background investigations of the government’s cooperating witnesses to impeach their credibility.
  • Identifying, locating, and interviewing potential witnesses.
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Skip Tracing

Are you looking to locate someone?

Do you need a Skip Tracing?

Our Private Investigators are specialised in people Tracing. We have several techniques and methods which enable us to locate a person who you have been searching for. Trying to locate someone who goes missing can be very stressful and impossible to most people who come to us and this can be very time consuming.

We understand how challenging it can be to trace someone, which is why we do whatever it takes to locate that person and take away all the stress and pressure from you. We use several different methods, depending about each individual case to locate the person you are looking for. The task of locating someone is never easy and our Private Investigators will check through various databases to gather all relevant information that will enable us to locate the person in question.

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